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Activities Additional information provided by the charity (1120570)

"The Basaira charity is established for the benefit of elderly persons in London and particularly the elderly community in the borough of Lambeth, to relieve poverty, sickness and distress; to advance education; to preserve and protect health; and to provide or assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or leisure-time occupation with the objects of improving the conditions of life of the said persons."

Services Additional information provided by charity
·          Provides support and care services
·           Provides advocacy/advice/information
·          Promoting cultural activities.
·          Actively participates in research
·           Contributes to local government consultations
·          Contributes to various forums on elder issues
·          Contributes to various charity consultations
·          Organising and engaging in activities to promote self esteem and self worth
·         Promoting confidence building.
·          Promoting knowledge through literature and films.
·          Promoting health through keep fit classes and films.
·         Intergenerational work
·         Community cohesion work through practical work with communities at luncheon talks

Charity category Additional information provided by charity
·         General Charitable Purposes
·         Education/Training
·          Medical/Health/Sickness
·         Disability
·         Relief of Poverty
·          Arts and culture
·          Indoor recreation
·          Environment/Conservation/Heritage
·          Community development measures and facilities
·          Other charitable purposes

Beneficiary group Additional information provided by charity
·           Elderly, frail persons.
·          People with disabilities.
·         People of a particular ethnic or racial origin.
·         Supporting people with mental health problems.
·         Supporting people suffering from early onset of dementia
·         Supporting people suffering from isolation
·         Providing socialisation facilities for people who do not have place to socialise